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Using Rill with Jupyter


Using Jupyter with Druid is easy. Simply post an SQL query with your authentication credentials an then parse the json output that is returned.


To authenticate via Jupyter, you will need to use either an API Password or a Service Account. If using an API password, when you connect you will provide your Rill username as the username and your API password as the password. If using a service account, you will provide the service account as your username and the service account password as your password.


You can post a request to Druid using

Copy the Jupyter URL from the Integrations page in RCC. In the example below, my_database is an example source and the host url has been in the database_url variable. Username and API password would be passed as well.

import requests
import pandas
import json

sql = "SELECT * from my_database limit 10"
database_url = ""

r =, auth=(username, password), json={"query": sql})
result = r.content.decode('utf-8') # should be #200
data = json.loads(result)