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Setup instructions

Connect to your database/Rill workspace

  1. Go to Superset and choose Data -> Datasets and click on the green + Database button in the top right corner. A Connect a database modal should appear.
  2. Fill in the Connect a database modal as follows:
  • DISPLAY NAME: Enter a descriptive name for your connection
  • SQLALCHEMY URI: Copy the Superset SQLAlchemy URI from the Integrations page in RCC and paste it into the SQLALCHEMY URI field.
  • Replace the username/password in the image with your username and API password.
  1. Click Test Connection. If the connection works, you will see a "Connection Looks Good!" message appear.
  2. Click Connect to save the connection

Create a Superset Dataset.

  1. Go to Superset and choose Data -> Datasets and click on the + Dataset button in the top right corner.
  2. Fill in the Add dataset modal as follows:
  • Database: Choose the connection that you created above
  • Schema: Select druid
  • Table: Choose the table that you want to query from the dropdown menu. This dropdown menu should show the same datasets that are displayed in your RIll workspace. Each dataset represents a table.
  • Click Add
  • Now that you've created a dataset, you can click on it under Datasets and edit it (under Actions, over on the right) to configure column properties such as whether the column is a metric or dimension or whether it is your time column. See Superset documentation on Creating Your First Dashboard for more details.

Create a Superset Chart

  1. Go to Superset and choose Charts and then click on the + Chart button in the top right corner.
  2. Choose the dataset you just created. Alternately, when viewing the list of Datasets, you can click on the dataset name to create a chart.
  3. You should now see the fields from your table in the Superset Explore menu and you can create charts as describe in the Superset documentation for Creating Your First Dashboard