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Process Batch Data

Load data into Rill's data store via storage locations

Getting Started

Many customers start with Rill loading data from storage locations - s3, GCS, etc.

Data is loaded into Rill once client processing is complete (or potentially raw data) at some regular interval (usually hourly).

Load your own data

If your data is already in aggregate or final format, you can load directly into Rill:

Batch Ingestion

For more details on Druid ingestion, visit:

Rill managed pipelines

For customers with more complex joins/transformations requiring Rill managed pipelines:

  • grant Rill access to the storage location (usually Amazon s3 or Google Cloud Storage)
  • Rill to develop pipeline logic as required
  • review the sample output with the Rill team to confirm layout and values
  • Rill to poll source locations on regular intervals
Rill Managed Pipelines

Email if you're interested in having the Rill team build and manage ingestion for your data pipelines