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To access alerts, click the bell icon at the top of the page to bring up the alerts window. Within the alerts window, set the

  • Alert name
  • Metric for the alert
  • Increase/decrease value
  • (optional) Add additional recipients

Once the settings are added, Rill calculates the frequency for the current options.

Applied Filters

In the alerts window, you'll see the applied filters for the existing alert. Any combination of dimensions can be used to set alerts on specific values.

Alerting is opportune for any troubleshooting or measurement use case. In particular:

  • Campaign delivery rates vs. expectations (e.g. zero values at start)
  • % drop/increase in expected revenue (by product/publisher)
  • Minimum partner spend
  • Changes in inventory
  • % change vs. regional benchmarks

Once an alert is set, you can view/edit the alert in the Admin panel on the top right (the user icon dropdown).