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Facet: Pivot tables & Splits

Visualize data intersections and create reports for export


The Facet view allows users to create reporting on intersections of dimensions and metrics. In this view, you can:

  • Add dimensions and metrics to the overview
  • Create multi-level splits for pivot table analysis
  • Analyze metric/dimension intersections over time
Scheduled Excel Exports

Facet is particularly useful for export as the result is a pivot table (e.g. ad network by ad bundle id).

As an example, at Rill Data, we use Facet scheduled reports for weekly updates on our own user data split by company and dashboard to identify usage patterns and troubleshoot issues

Example Navigation Video

The video below outlines a few of the most used features within Facet:

  • Compare top metrics and dimensions
  • Create multiple Splits for a pivot table
  • View dimensions/metrics on comparison timelines
  • Add filters to the Facet view