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Create External Dashboards

Use a saved "Parent" Dashboard to create a "Child" based on predetermined filters

To create dashboards for a set of stakeholders, external users or other partners, start by creating a Parent dashboard view that contains all of the dimensions and metrics you wish to display. That parent dashboard can then be filtered by a set of criteria that then limits the data available to each user you wish to grant access. Further, that child dashboard can be embedded to be a specific application view within your product/portal for that set of users.

Create a Parent Dashboard

To create a parent dashboard, a small edit at the end of any dashboard configuration adds the ability to inherit the dashboard set-up along with prompt for filter criteria.

  • thirdPartySubsets = object to define the Child dash
  • datasource = datasource(s) from your current parent dashboard you want to make available to child dashboard
  • dimension = dimension (criteria) that is required to be inputted before creating the child dashboard
  "thirdPartySubsets": [
"dataSource": "dash-metrics-datasource",
"dimension": [

Create a Child from a Parent Dashboard

In the Admin view > Dashboards, select your parent dashboard you wish to create a Child from Selecting Create a child dashboard will bring up the screen to create your dashboard.

On that screen, you will be able to enter:

  • Dashboard name
  • Dashboard URL slug
  • Create a Security Policy (optional)
  • Add yourself to the policy (optional)
  • Enter required criteria for the Child to inherit and filter
Add Additional Users to Child Dashboards

To add more users to a given dashboard, you can add the new dashboard to an existing security policy or add users to the newly created policy.